SP06 Release Notes

– Support for upload to Splunk HTTP Event Collector

– New extractor

  • LOGS –extract files in work directory of application serverDeactivate SM50_TRACE extractor since LOGS extractor will extract the same log file. After deploying 4.05, all the content of work process log file will be extracted again since the last position is not migrated.

    Logs filter can be specified by going to Administrator->Setup Metric->Logs file filter

    Extract content of gateway security files reginfo and secinfo

– Avoid client validation
Populate parameter /BNWVS/NO_CLNT_VAL under current user with ‘X’ to skip client validation when accessing PowerConnect control panel.

– Create Authentication Group ZBNW for table maintenance

– Fix TREAD extractor to use PowerConnect exception

– Allow upload metric to specific Splunk index based on Group Definition.
Prerequisite: please make sure the index exists in all Splunk systems.

– Change SMQ1 and SMQ2 extractors to return summary of qRFC to prevent time out or no
memory short dumps

– Fix JSON serializer to handle control characters (0x00-0x1F)

– Fix runtime error because of structure difference if RSUSR003 is deployed in higher release

– Fix SM59 extractor to ping destination with timeout

– Fix STAD3 so it does not produce metric with empty timestamp

– Change STAD3 to aggregate dialog statistic to show how long the user spends in a main
transaction. Some transactions cannot be collected if the transactions are terminated
unexpectedly for example, network connection is lost

– Some statistics data from transaction STAD can be excluded by going to Administrator->Setup Metric->Logs file filter

– Display license expiry date in control panel

– Use generic key buffering for table /BNWVS/USR41

– Reduce update to table /bnwvs/mtr_fld_cby removing unmodified content before update.

– BD87 optimization

– Fix BC Set issue not transporting all customizing records

Download PDF version here