PowerConnect Splunk 6.0 app upgrade checks and steps

Upgrade Checks

Following are the steps to perform before upgrading the SAP PowerConnect App for Splunk.

Step 1: As Splunk default app upgrade behavior is to overwrite the lookups directory files ($SPLUNK_HOME$/etc/apps/BNW-app-powerconnect/lookups/) if user has modified the lookup ip_subnets.csv then take a backup of the file before you upgrade the app.

Step 2: We are modifying the databases in the navigation bar/menu options from the app’s setup page. So the user has modified navigation bar/menu options in anyway it should be backed up before you upgrade the app. You will just need to take backup of $SPLUNK_HOME$/etc/apps/BNW-app-powerconnect/ local /data/ui/nav/defaul t.xml file.

Note: Upgrade does not remove any of your custom/created dashboards. Only navigation file is overwritten.

Upgrade Steps

As prior to the following steps please take a backup of navigation and ip_subnets lookup file (for details check “Upgrade Checks” document).

1. Open manage apps under the apps menu.

2. Click on the “Install app from file” button.

3. Choose the app’s package and check the upgrade checkbox and click install.

4. Click on restart now.

5. After Splunk comes back online, click on apps and manage apps.

6. Click on the “Set up” link beside BNW-app-powerconnect.

7. Before clicking save please make sure you have a backup of custom navigation/menu bar file(For details check “Upgrade Checks” document). If not after clicking save it will overwrite the old navigation file with new one. Click on save.

8. Once the setup is done it will show successful message at the top as follow then the app upgrade is finished successfully.

9. Please clear browser cache and hit <SplunkServer>/_bump URL to prevent Splunk from using cached objects. And click on “Bump version” button. Now you can open the app and use all the new features without any issue.

You should be able to verify the version by going to the SAP PowerConnect app and then clicking help > about.

Download PDF version here – SAP PowerConnect for Splunk 6.0 Upgrade Checks for Splunk App
Download PDF version here – SAP PowerConnect for Splunk 6.0 Upgrade Steps for Splunk App