KB 103 – PC Splunk App – Process Chain Dashboard Guide



The following saved searches are used to populate the lookups. By default these searches are disabled. Users need to manually enable them

  1. Sap_Subchain_Hour_Relation
  2. sap_state_step_chain – Lookup Gen
  3. sap_state_step_chain – Lookup Gen (Month Reset)
  4. Avg_Process_Chain
  5. Avg_Process_Chain2
  6. Next_Start_Process_Chain
  7. Sap_Process_Chain_Status_Duration
  8. sub_subchain_hour_relation_lookup – Lookup Gen

The steps to enable the savedsearches are:

  1. On Splunk’s menu bar, Click on Settings -> Searches, reports, and alerts.
  2. Select SAP Powerconnect for Splunk (BNW-app-powerconnect) in App.
  3. Click on “Edit” dropdown under “Actions” and click on “Enable”.

KB 103 - PC Splunk app - Process Chain Dashboard Guide 1

You should be able to visit the new dashboard by going to the following URL:
http://<your_splunk_instance_address>/en-US/app/BNW-app-powerconnect/process_cha in_dashboard
*(Replace the placeholder in the URL)

Download PDF version here