KB 093 – Splunk App Upgrade Guide for SAP PowerConnect App 6.1.0 / 6.2.0


  1. This app can be installed either through UI from “Manage Apps” or by extracting the
    compressed file into $SPLUNK_HOME$/etc/apps folder
  2. Restart Splunk
  3. Configuration


  1. Before installing the new version if you have made any custom changes to ip_subnets
    lookup or app’s navigation bar make sure you backup ip_subnets.csv (located at:
    $SPLUNK_HOME$/etc/apps/BNW-app-powerconnect/lookups/ip_subnets.csv) and
    app’s navigation bar XML file (located at:
  2. Install the app through UI from “Manage Apps” > “Install app from file”.
  3. Restart Splunk
  4. From “Manage Apps” click on the “Set Up” link beside BNW-app-powerconnect entry.
  5. Configuration


  1. After performing above mentioned installation/upgrade steps, configure the indexes to
    be accessible by admin and all other users and roles who will be accessing this
  2. Run all the savedsearches with the suffix ” – Run Once Only” manually so as to populate
    the Lookups from existing event data. In case of a large number of events, if
    savedsearch execution does not get completed, try to reduce the time range and
    populate the lookups. This step is required to be performed only once as there are
    separate savedsearches scheduled to run every hour for appending new items to
    existing lookups from new events and for some cases it’s only to populate static data in
    the lookup for once only.

Download PDF version here