KB 093 – SM59 Extractor

Use cases:

The extractor collecting SM59 destination state. State is determined based on the connection test, which is performed for the following connection types: H (HTTP), G (HTTP), 3 (ABAP), T (TCP/IP).

Field structure

KB 093 - SM59 Extractor 1

Filter options

Before SP 6.02, filter should be defined in the Administrator -> Setup Metric -> Metric Configuration menu option:

KB 093 - SM59 Extractor 2

All RFC connection, which are going to be excluded, needs to be listed in the parameter key field (1 destination per row):

KB 093 - SM59 Extractor 3

Starting from SP 6.02, new filter has been introduced in the Administrator -> Metric Filters -> More -> SM59 dest. Filter.

The destination list is built during the first filter run and could be refreshed by using following button on the toolbar:

KB 093 - SM59 Extractor 4

(all settings are remaining during the refresh)

Exclude checkbox should be set for those destinations, which should not be monitored. In this case they will not be also sent to Splunk.

Download PDF version here