KB 086 – CRM BSP Log Extractor Setup

1. Transports

Please import following transports as a prerequisite (in listed order):

  1. N71K902078   SP 6.01 BSP log runtime field (for PowerConner <= SP 6.00);
  2. CR1K900023   SP 6.01 BSP log HTTP handler
  3. CR1K900025   PowerConnect BSP handler SICF setup

Once the transport is imported, please ensure BSP node (/default_host/sap/bc/) in SICF contains custom handler:

CRM BSP Log Extractor Setup 1

2. Activate the extractor

Please activate the extractor in the Administrator->Setup Group Def menu option as it is shown on the screen below:

CRM BSP Log Extractor Setup 2

Please redefine the extract interval if needed (1 hour by default).

3. Activate the BSP HTTP handler

Go to SM30->/BNWVS/CFG and add following parameter as it is shown below:

CRM BSP Log Extractor Setup 3

Once the parameter value is saved, the buffer table will be populated with BSP log data collected by HTTP handler.

Important note! In case of any issue, please switch the parameter off and contact BNW support.

Download PDF version here