KB 083 – Initial wizard

Once the PowerConnect installed and BCSET has been activated, please access the /BNWVS/MAIN tcode to perform the initial setup.

  1. License definition
  2. Following popup will be given after the first run:

    KB 083 - Initial wizard 1

    Press Yes to define the license key.

    Copy the key and paste it using the button on the toolbar (or put it directly in the text field):

    KB 083 - Initial wizard 2

    Please ensure the status is OK/Green. Save the config and confirm changes.

  3. Splunk system setup
  4. KB 083 - Initial wizard 3

    Following options are available:

    • Target system – Single Splunk/OMS system, it will receive all collected metrics.
    • Target group – Can contain few Splunk/OMS systems, all metrics will be load balanced across all of them.

    Choose necessary option and press Next.

    KB 083 - Initial wizard 4

    Define the Splunk system name (free text) to be able to identify the Splunk system among others.

    KB 083 - Initial wizard 5

    Press Create to proceed.

    Enter Splunk/OMS system details according to the chosen option (Splunk HEC, Splunk REST, OMS):

    KB 083 - Initial wizard 6

    Optional: connection test can be performed if needed to check the Splunk system availability and ensure the index is created. Check button should be pressed in this case.

    Important: please ensure that HTTP scheme (http or https) and port are defined in the Host field.

    Press Confirm button to save the config.

    KB 083 - Initial wizard 7

    Press Next to proceed.

    On this screen the upload target should be created and added into the distribution scheme.

    KB 083 - Initial wizard 8

    Set Active flag to activate the Splunk target.

    Optional: If the Target group is created beforehand, it is also possible to assign this particular target system to chosen Target Group to be able to load balance metrics (i.e. in case of Splunk several indexers). Add to the Group option should be set in this case:

    KB 083 - Initial wizard 9

    Press Next to move to the next step.

    KB 083 - Initial wizard 10

    The Splunk system setup has been completed. Please Confirm the setup or press New Target to create another target system/group.

  5. Start job dialog
  6. Once the Splunk/OMS systems have been setup, following dialog will be given to start collection/uploading jobs:

    KB 083 - Initial wizard 11

    It is possible to select job class or define the particular system to run these jobs. This step can be skipped, so jobs are started manually from the Control Panel.

  7. Notification email setup
  8. Please define the Notification Email on the next screen:

    KB 083 - Initial wizard 12

    This email will be stored in the config and used to send a reminder about license expiration.

    Once all these steps are completed, PowerConnect Control Panel will be shown on the screen.

    Additional information:

    Splunk/OMS target definition Wizard can be started again using the Administrator -> Splunk Setup -> Upload Wizard

    KB 083 - Initial wizard 13

    The same settings can be performed in the Administrator -> Splunk Setup -> Upload Scheme menu option.

    If the Batch job start screen was skipped during wizard, they all could be started from the toolbar using Start Check Job, Start Collector, Toggle Uploader buttons. Three indicators below will show the status of corresponding job.

    KB 083 - Initial wizard 14

Download PDF version here