KB 075 – Time-based extraction

Starting from SP 5.08 it is possible to schedule each extractor to run at specific time (time-based extraction).

In order to define the extraction time, please follow steps below:

  1. Stop the Extractor job.
  2. Open Administrator->Setup Group def menu option.
  3. KB 075 - Time-based extraction 1

  4. Activate the ‘Use schedule’ checkbox. Once the checkbox is set, you will be immediately given a dialog to define the time and occurrence interval. In case of Daily runs, it is possible to choose the day of week.
  5. KB 075 - Time-based extraction 2

  6. Accept changes by clicking on KB 075 - Time-based extraction 3 button.

The schedule can be changed any time in the Group Def config by clicking on the button below. Please note, changes will be applied only after Extractor job restart.

KB 075 - Time-based extraction 4

Once the config is saved, the background job will be scheduled accordingly for necessary metrics. The name of the background job will be /BNWVS/BC_EXT_<group_name>.

KB 075 - Time-based extraction 5

In order to revoke the extractor schedule, the flag ‘Use schedule’ should be deactivated and changes are saved. The corresponding background job will be revoked once changes are saved. Moreover, the job will be stopped if the extractor is deactivated using ‘Active’ checkbox.

If the metric extraction job is scheduled or running the green led indicator will be shown in the ‘Job’ column.

KB 075 - Time-based extraction 6

The time based extraction will be stopped, once the Extractor job is stopped in the PowerConnect control panel and started again right after the Extractor job is started.

Download PDF version here