KB 071 – Max parallel process definition (extractor)

Starting from SP 5.08 maximum parallel tasks configuration for the collector job accepts percentage as a value (10% by default).

KB 071 - Max parallel process definition (extractor) 1

In case the percentage value is defined, MAX_PARALLEL_PROCESS is calculated as certain percent of the maximum capacity of the rfc group defined in the RFC_GROUP config. The minimum value for percentage options is 3.

For instance, RFC_GROUP defined for on the screen above is ‘parallel_generators’, thus the total of dialog tasks capacity for all servers assigned to ‘parallel_generators’ group is taken and then multiplied by necessary percent to receive the number of tasks. If the value is less than 3, 3 will be used as the minimum value.

RFC_GROUP can be also blank or set to DEFAULT, in this case it takes the list of available instances with dialog tasks, calculates the total dialog tasks capacity and return calculated value based on the percent requested.

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