KB 066 – SM20 filter

Starting from SP 5.05 the SM20 filter has been included into the delivery package. It allows to select which log records should be collected or specify logs to be excluded.

KB 066 - SM20 filter 1

KB 066 - SM20 filter 2

Add a new line

KB 066 - SM20 filter 3

Characters ‘*’ (any value) and ‘+’ (any character) can be used to define a template.
‘I’ and ‘E’ can be used to include or exclude logs records. Option field can contain the same values as standard select-option or range.

‘Save’ should be pressed as the last step to save and apply the filter.

Important notes!
Please note, that filter should contain at least one ‘I’ (include) record to extract the data. It is done to be able to extract only specific log records just by adding single filter row. In order to exclude the data, the record shown above is mandatory.

Download PDF version here