KB 047 – NRIV Filter Configuration

NRIV SAP Number Range Intervals Table

NRIV is a standard SAP Table which is used to store Number Range Intervals information. This is available within R/3 SAP systems depending on the version and release level.

KB 047 - NRIV Filter Configuration 1

KB 047 - NRIV Filter Configuration 2

KB 047 - NRIV Filter Configuration 3

KB 047 - NRIV Filter Configuration 4

Contain 3 fields to filter NRIV table:

KB 047 - NRIV Filter Configuration 5

Each field accept pattern matching characters ‘*’ and ‘+’. ‘Active’ field activates or deactivates filter record (the record will be ignored if the field is empty).

OBJECT: A number range object defines the characteristic attributes of commercially-related number range intervals, e.g. the length of the numbers, the division in subobjects, etc. A number range object is uniquely identified by its name.

Examples: MATERIALNR is the name of the number range object which defines the attributes of the material master number range interval.

Subobject: If the group table is maintained using the central function modules, and you wish to display the element texts during number range number maintenance, this field must contain the subobject for the number range object.

Number range: Identifies a number range interval within an object or subobject.

NRIV record is included into result set in case it matches to any of filter line.

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