KB 037 – Uploading HDB scripts

Uploading HDB / MSS scripts

PowerConnect has the ability to upload HANA or SQL Server scripts that can be executed regularly, and the output of the script is uploaded to Splunk.

SAP standard HANA scripts can be found attached to note 1969700 – SQL Statement Collection for SAP HANA. We have packaged these up as an .xml file that can be uploaded directly. Please contact support@powerconnect.io to obtain a copy of the .xml file.

If you want to add your own HANA script use the following instructions.

Go to Administrator -> Metric filters -> SQL Script metrics -> HDB queries

Uploading HDB scripts

To upload the .xml

Click on Load from file

Uploading HDB scripts

Select the provided .xml file

Uploading HDB scripts

This will upload all the scripts embedded in the file. This is the only

To add new custom script

Click on Create icon

Uploading HDB scripts

Enter the name of the script, and select an interval for it to execute (in seconds)

Double click on the line this will open the script editor. Copy the script contents to the window

Uploading HDB scripts

Click on the Save icon. This will save the script. Next time the extractor runs this script will execute and the output of the script will be sent to Splunk. The record can be found in Splunk as



Uploading HDB scripts

Uploading HDB scripts

Download PDF version here