KB 017 – ABAP – Configuration parameters and their functions

ABAP Configuration Parameters and their function


You have PowerConnect for Splunk installed and want to understand the function of each of the global configuration parameters and identify which version of PowerConnect they are available in

The Table below outlines the parmeter name, its function and the version of PowerConnect it is available for use.

Global configuration

Available in versionParameter keyDescriptionDefault valueMin ValueMax Value
ARCHIVE_DAYS_TO_RETAINNumber of days metrics that have been uploaded is kept3
ARCHIVE_DAYS_TO_RETAIN_UNSENTNumber of days metrics that have NOT been uploaded is kept14
ARCHIVE_DURATION_RUNDuration (in seconds) of archive86400 seconds
MAX_PARALLEL_PROCESSMaximum number of extractor running in parallel3
MULTI_SERVER_DISTRIBUTIONUpload distribution method – SENDALL to upload metrics to all active server – ROUNDROBIN to distribute the metrics to all active serverSENDALL
RFC_GROUPAllocate RFC group for parallelizing extractorDEFAULT
INTERVAL_BEFORE_ABORTIf the last metric was extracted longer than the interval value, check job will abort extractor job because it assumes that extractor job is not running properly.3600 seconds
RFC_VERIFY_INTERVALThe interval after last RFC error and before making another RFC call to an application server. 300 seconds
RFC_VERIFY_TIMEOUTThe timeout for RFC verify. If the server doesn’t return value within the timeout period, the server will be flagged with error. The RFC verify is the same implementation as FM RFC_VERIFY_DESTINATION5 seconds
RESTART_EXTRACTOR_DURATIONTo restart extractor job periodically82800 seconds600 seconds

Extractor configuration

Available in versionExtractorParameter KeyParameter ValueDescription
STADMAX_NO_OF_RECORDS500Maximum number of records per metric to avoid memory overflow
SM50_TRACEMAX_LENGTH5000Maximum length trace file content in one record (bytes)
SQVIMAX_ROWS_COUNT100000Number of rows returned
LOGSMAX_LENGTH5000Maximum length trace file content in one record (bytes)
STAD3INCLUDE_TASK_TYPETo specify specific task types to extract. Other task types are not extracted. Please populate this parameter with comma separated task types.
STAD3EXCLUDE_TASK_TYPETo specify task types to exclude. Please populate this parameter with comma separated task types.
STAD3EXCLUDE_TASK_TYPETo specify task types to exclude. Please populate this parameter with comma separated task types.
STADASYNC_TIMEOUT300 secondsAsynchronous STAD collector timeout.

Uploader Configuration

Available in versionUploaderParameter keyIndexDescriptionDefault value
SPLUNKSOURCETYPESourcetype name to identify metric uploaded from PowerConnectsap_abap
SPLUNKUPLOAD_COUNTThe number of metrics to upload in one run. Default value is changed to 30 in 4.04.
SPLUNKCONNECTION_TEST_TO_FIX_SOURCETYPEIf set to ‘X’. When you perform connection test, it will give an option to update the source type.<not available>
SPLUNKMAX_UPLOAD_ITERATIONIf 0, uploader will perform iteration to find backlog of metrics that need to be uploaded. If > 0. The maximum number of iteration. For example, if UPLOAD_COUNT = 300, MAX_UPLOAD_ITERATION 5 300 x 5 = 6000 metrics will be uploaded. Default value is changed to 100 in 4.04100
SPLUNKPROMPT_UPDATEAsk the user whether PowerConnect should check whether the index exists or not and update the sourcetype in Splunk.X
SPLUNKBLACKOUT_TIMEOUTIf Splunk system is not available, the system will be put in blackout list for defined number of seconds5
SPLUNKUPLOAD_JOB_COUNTNumber of background job created to upload metrics in parallel.2
SPLUNKMTR_REQUEST_MAX_SIZE_HECMaximum size of http request for HTTP Event Collector in bytes900000
SPLUNKMTR_REQUEST_MAX_SIZE_RESTMaximum size of http request for REST API in bytes900000

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