KB 015 – ABAP – Global configuration parameters and their functions

ABAP Configuration Parameters and their function


You have PowerConnect for Splunk installed and want to understand the function of each of
the global configuration parameters and identify which version of PowerConnect they are available in

The Table below outlines the parmeter name, its function and the version of PowerConnect it is
available for use.

ParameterFunctionVersionDefault Value
ARCHIVE_DAYS_TO_RETAINNumber of days to keep metrics that have been successfully uploaded before purging them from the temporary storage 4.003
ARCHIVE_DAYS_TO_RETAIN_UNSENTNumber of days to keep metrics that have NOT been successfully uploaded before purging them from the temporary storage 4.0014
ARCHIVE_DURATION_RUNHow often the archive job4.0086400 (1 day)
MAX_PARALLEL_PROCESSMaximum number of extractor running in parallel4.003
MULTI_SERVER_DISTRIBUTIONUpload distribution method – SENDALL to upload metrics to all active server – ROUNDROBIN to distribute the metrics to all active server4.00SENDALL
RFC_GROUPAllocate RFC group for parallelizing extractor4.00DEFAULT
INTERVAL_BEFORE_ABORTIf the last metric was extracted longer than the interval value, check job will abort extractor job because it assumes that extractor job is not running properly.4.013600 seconds
RFC_VERIFY_INTERVALthe interval after last RFC error and before making another RFC call to an application server. 4.01300 seconds
RFC_VERIFY_TIMEOUTTimeout for RFC verify. If the server doesn’t return value within the timeout period, the server will be flagged with error. The RFC verify is the same implementation as FM RFC_VERIFY_DESTINATION4.015 seconds
RESTART_EXTRACTOR_DURATIONTo restart extractor job periodically4.0382800 seconds (23 hours)

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