KB 011 – SP02 notes

SP02 notes

– Splunk sourcetype is checked when Connection Test is performed.

The sourcetype is not again before uploading any metric.

To create/modify standard sourcetype in Splunk, modify metric configuration CONNECTION_TEST_TO_FIX_SOURCETYPE = ‘X’.

When Connection Test is performed, user will be asked whether the sourcetype should be created/modified to the standard configuration.

– License key is requested if it is not supplied. License key validation is performed at the start of extraction.

Only installation number embedded in the license key will be validated.

– Use RSBTONEJOB2 as background job step to make sure only one instance of background job running RSBTONEJOB2 is used to end the job with status Finished if there is another instance that is still running.

– Extractor SM51_QUEUE

– Extractor SMMS

– Message Server Monitor DetailsIncluded together with this extractor is subgroup which is used to identify additional information relatedto main information extracted by extractor.

– Implement application log level (Administrator -> App Log Level )

  1. No Log
  2. Error
  3. Info-All errors, start/stop job action, start of extractor or metric uploaded successfully
  4. Debug -All logs show in Info, metrics collected.

– Fix JSONLineBreaker issue in Splunk

– Fix space at the end of integer value in Splunk

– Abort the extractor job if there is no metric extracted after certain interval.

The interval can be specified in global configuration INTERVAL_BEFORE_ABORT.

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